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For filmmakers who value authenticity.

California’s premier fly fishing consultants for the film and television industry

California’s Premier Fly Fishing Consultants
for the Film and Television Industry

Do you have a television or film project that needs fly fishing authenticity?

Whether your production is looking for a mountain stream, creek, river, lake, reservoir, or ocean, The Fly Fishing Guy will work with your location manager to find the perfect location for your production, then quickly teach your actors how to fly fish with a level of authenticity unmatched, while ensuring the safety of your cast and crew around a water environment.

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Unmatched Authenticity Meets Superior Safety Standards

Leverage our 30 years of experience in keeping people safe on the water to bring peace of mind to your production and protect against costly accidents

 Fly Fishing Consultant to Christian Bale in Vice

"Guy Jeans is a MASTER when it comes to fly fishing...I was fortunate enough to have him as a teacher/on-set coach [for Vice] and learn basic skills from  him. He's patient, calm, articulate, and knows how to give tips/adjustments with a surgeon's precision. He also is one of the kindest humans to boot. I highly recommend this place! Oh also, during our lunch break he went out and caught like 6-8 fish....he's a savant." 

Alex MacNicoll

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